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014. I didn't know I'd love you so much.

Last post of 2012. Yay.

battle w/ vampire_sessah

cap1 cap2 cap3 cap4 cap5

fashion water darkness b&w faceless


Please credit the correct maker.

58 icons + 13 alts
angel, atonement, awkward, beauty and the beast, brokeback mountain, battlestar galactica, doctor who, fight club, firefly, game of thrones, lost, luther, mad men, marilyn monroe, marina and the diamonds, the mindy project, misfits, new girl, nikita, once upon a time, queer as folk, secret diary of a call girl, shameless, sinbad, saturday night live, true blood, the hour, the hunger games, the vampire diaries, teen wolf, x-men: first class.





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- Credit effectiveadvice.

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- Don't repost on other websites and/or claim as your own.

- Watch/join this community for updates.

credit for coding this bad boy goes to vampire_sessah. YOU'RE TOO GOOD TO ME.
Tags: actress;marilyn monroe, movie;atonement, movie;brokeback mountain, movie;fight club, movie;the hunger games, movie;x-men:first class, music;marina and the diamonds, show;angel, show;awkward, show;battlestar galactica, show;beauty and the beast, show;buffy the vampire slayer, show;doctor who, show;dollhouse, show;firefly, show;game of thrones, show;lost, show;luther, show;mad men, show;misfits, show;new girl, show;nikita, show;once upon a time, show;parks and recreation, show;queer as folk, show;saturday night live, show;secret diary of a call gir, show;shameless, show;sinbad, show;teen wolf, show;the hour, show;the mindy project, show;the vampire diaries, show;true blood
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